Waseley Hills High School - Parents' Evening Booking System (PEBS)

PEBS Help Page


As more parents and carers get involved with their son’s and daughter’s education, which is more than welcomed at Waseley, there is pressure on time slots for parents to be able to see teachers. The system has been that students see their relevant teachers and request appointment times. If a student is absent or reticent to get appointments, parents can find that they are not able to see all the teachers that would like to when attending a Parents’ Evening.

Waseley has commissioned a bespoke online booking system so that Parents and Carers can connect to a web page over the internet and book their own appointments with their son or daughter’s teachers. It will still be on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis but the onus is now on the parents rather than the student. Administration staff can book appointments for a parent if they do not have access to a computer connected to the Internet.

This document is designed to help you use the new PEBS system. If you require further assistance, please contact Mr Reddell, the Coordinator at [email protected].

Accessing the PEBS system

You can access the PEBS system in one of three ways:
  • Type the following URL into your web browser: https://web.waseleyhills.worcs.sch.uk/pebs
  • From the School Website follow the link called ‘Parents Evening Booking System’ on the 'Parent Information' page
  • Click the link on the ‘My-ED’ app ‘My School’ page on your mobile device

Logging into PEBS

This is the login page for PEBS:

PEBS Login Page

The PEBS system does not use a username and password system.  Instead you will be sent an e-mail or letter with a unique eight didgit PIN Code (four digits, a space and another four digist e.g. 1234 5678).  If you mislay this PIN Code you can contact the School Office by telephone on 0121 453 5211 or by e-mail at [email protected]  who will be able to re-issue your PIN Code.

You will need to enter your son or daughter’s date of birth as dd/mm/yyyy e.g. 03/02/2000 – notice the extra zeros for the 3rd as 03 and February as 02.

Lastly enter and confirm the e-mail address that you have given us at School.  Then click the <Login to PEBS> button.  All all your details are correct you will be taken to the ‘Make Appointments’ page. 

You can always return to this booking page by clicking the <Make Appointments> button along the top edge of the window.

Making an Appointment in PEBS

This is the booking screen:

There are three sections to the window. The left hand side shows your son or daughter’s teachers and the subjects that they teach. Select the teacher you want to see and a list of times will be displayed. The middle section will now show the times that the teacher has available like this:

To allow you to get from appointment to appointment you cannot book adjacent time slots. For instance if you book the 5:30pm slot (17:00), you will not be able to make appointments for 5:25pm (17:25) or 5:35pm (17:35); these times will not be shown if the available times for subsequent emebers of staff.

Now select the time by clicking the <Request> button next to the time you want. After a second or so your ‘Booked Appointments’ will show the booking or you will receive a message saying that the time has been booked by another parent.

If you book a teacher that has filled all their appointment slots you will see a message like this in the ‘Times Available’ column.

If a booking does not appear after a second or so, please click the <Refresh Bookings List> button.

Two parents visiting a Parents’ Evening

If two parents are attending it maybe sometimes necessary for parents to each see a different teacher at the same time. The PEBS system is designed to let you book two time slots at the same time but it will warn you that you have done this. Click the <Message Read> button to acknowledge that you understand that you have booked two slots at the same time. If you did this in error please see ‘Deleting an Appointment in PEBS’ below.

Deleting an Appoinment in PEBS

Click the <Delete> button along the top of the window as shown above.

Adding a message to the teacher in PEBS

Once you have booked a slot it is possible to add a short message to the teacher. There may be a particular aspect of your son or daughter’s work that you want to discuss. This will allow the teacher time to get you the information you require.

On the ‘Make Appoinments’ page, in the ‘Your Booked Appoinments’ column click the <Add/Edit> message button next to the appointment:

Type your message and click <Update>. The member of staff will see this message in his/her appoinments.

Viewing or Printing your appointments in PEBS

Click the <View/Print> button to lsit the appointments you have made like this:

Click the <Print Page> to print your appointments so that you can take your list to the Parents’ Evening.

Suggestions or Issues with PEBS

If after using the PEBS system you have suggestions for improvements or encounter issues please contact Nick Reddell, the ICT Coordinator at [email protected]. Unfortunately Mr Reddell is unable to assist if a teacher has filled all their available appointment times.